IDB – Energy Database

The Energy Database is a data visualization project for the Energy Innovation Center website of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB-EIC).
The project is composed by 12 data visualizations which are divided into two groups. The first is generated from energy production and consumption since the 1970′s data from the 70 countries around the world with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. The second group are institutional framework data, such as players in the energy market and specific legislation of each country.

This project was developed by an interdisciplinary group, a partnership between the href=”” Visuality Laboratory and Visualization and the Computer Graphics Laboratory, both are research groups from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

DESIGN – Labvis: Doris Kosminsky, Barbara Castro, Gabriel Nascimento, Mateus Knelsen
CODING – LCG: Claudio Esperança, Renato Mauro