Avocado Tree Performance

This performance was made during the 4th. edition of Hiperorgânicos OpenLab hosted by NANO at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The performance was inspired in “Refazenda” a song by brazilian musician Gilberto Gil. The song tell us about the relationship that weaves between the tree,the fruit and the man and the sense of time in the cycles of nature, like a constant rebirth. Three months before the event I got a avocado seed that my dog ate and left my balcony. I grew that seed, and took care of it until the presentation day. For the performance I created a data visualization that merged data from collected live from the avocado tree, from my voice and a camera that was pointed to us. I created a partycle system that draw our silhouette in which the movemente was guided by data collected from my voice while singing and the size and colors of the particles by data collected from the plant. I sang to the avocado and then I planted another seed in the University garden. This performance came from an unpretentious insight of my daily habits: playing with the dog, water the plants, singing Gil, etc.More than a playing between plants and dogs, I believe the performance celebrates the process of affection that permeates the organic and aesthetic experiences in everyday moments that can be renovated in planting a new seed.