Hi, my name is Barbara Castro and I’m a Brazilian artist-researcher and designer with a passion for Performing Arts. My production is characterized by transdisciplinarity, working mainly with interactivity and creative coding and the fields of motion design and data visualization.

Recently, I obtained my Master of Art title for researching visual arts and body movement relationship through artificial sensory system mediation. I had the opportunity to be a Interdisciplinary Poetics student at the Fine Arts School at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (EBA-UFRJ), while being Trainee Researcher at the VISGRAF Lab from the Pure and Applied Mathematics Institute (IMPA). For that purpose my advisors were Doris Kosminsky and Luiz Velho. I also engaged in the LabVIS and NANO research groups at UFRJ, which focused in data visualization and media art research respectively.

I have a Design Bachelor’s Degree, from PUC-Rio, where I worked with the LadeH, mostly in cenography and art production projects. I also made an Internship and professionaly worked in the Journalism Art Department for TV GLOBO, the main Brazilian broadcast channel, where I developed my motion design skills, but also teamwork and think fast under pressure habilities.

If you are curious about my research and creative process, please visit my blog CTRL+. Hope you enjoy my work.
Looking foward to exchange ideas, so please contact me if you have any feedback.

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