Corporeal interval: sensory indeterminacy as the poetic bloom of interactive art

Paper published on Re-new Conference Proceedings, presented in Copenhague, Denmark in 2013.

Abstract: The interactivity adds a new sensory level in art. The implementation of artificial sensory systems can enhance what was discussed earlier as a human nature, indeterminacy. In this paper, we will discuss how the indeterminacy inherent in each one of the constituent elements of aesthetic experience is an essential factor in the development of the poetics of interactive art. To this end, the thoughts of Henri Bergson on the indeterminacy of the body are related to the machine’s margin of indeterminacy discussed by Gilbert Simondon. This discussion is related to a theoretical and practical research which also includes artistic production. Therefore, the reflection influences the conceptualization of Em3 interactive installation that will help in understanding the ideas developed throughout the text. Finally, the indeterminacy of artist, artwork and observer will delineate individually and collectively the concept of ‘Corporeal Interval’.